I love crime dramas, the puzzles,  the mystery,  the chemistry between characters ( if played well). The only things is,
These dramas i love so much and could binge watch over and over again are an US crime dramas,  such as CSI ( yes all of them) , NCIS, Law and Order,  Unforgettable, Dexter,  Castle, In Plain Sight.. Etc. On the other hand..  I have never been a fan of the good old British crime dramas.  I find the over here the kind of crime dramas i have seen are filled with actors who have poor accents,  or are extremely poorly acted or both and they lack the urgency of the US dramas.

I must say that i had made every attempt possible to avoid Sherlock until my friend recommended it.  I am a fan of The original Sherlock Holmes and I have always been skeptical about watching any adaptations of it including the films, however my friend recommended it so I thought I would watch the first episode and see whether it was worth continuing…

Well.. it definitely was not a slow starter. The introduction of Watson to Sherlock was in the first episode and it was just what I had expected from Sherlock Holmes.Benedict Cumberbatch plays the character perfectly and the chemistry between Sherlock and Watson (played by Martin Freeman) is just amazing,

Sherlock says what he thinks without any regard for peoples feelings, it’s like he can’t help himself. He thinks he is more intelligent that everyone in the room and his powers of deduction are spectacular, however his understanding..or lack there of… of human emotions leaves him with very few friends and he tends to rub people up the wrong way. I had never seen Cumberbatch in anything prior to watching Sherlock but this has made me want to watch more of his work.

Throughout the episodes people do indicate that they think he could be committing the crimes just so he can solve them and save the day, which is understandable in some ways as he seems to go a bit manic when he doesn’t have a case to solve and seems to really enjoy the gritty murders. Sherlock refers to himself as a high functioning sociopath and to look at it at face value I would be Inclined to agree, however I feel the character portrays more of the classic signs of Asperger’s Syndrome. He is a very complex character and a joy to watch

Now Jim Moriarty (played by Andrew Scott ) is a person I would love to actually be able to study. Andrew definitely plays the Psychopath type of character very well. He made me laugh out loud with some of his lines but he certainly had the crazy bit down too. He is extremely narcissistic, he has sadistic tendencies, probably has some other kind of personality disorder and is clearly evil…. but I cannot help but love the character. He is like Sherlock in so many ways, they are both extremely Intelligent,  however he has been alone all his life unlike Sherlock.. Is that the small difference that keeps Sherlock on the side of good?? that he has people close to him? It was great to watch them bounce off each other.. try to outsmart each other.

I have to say that I am so glad I decided to watch this and I hope that there are more mysteries for him to solve.

I give Sherlock a 5 (would give it more if I could)

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