If you have read any of my other posts, by now you will be well aware that the majority of what I watch is no Netflix so this will be of no surprise to you that I am reviewing another Netflix show.

Now I have been watching films and shows on Netflix for a good few years now, both original and taken from TV, however this was one show that I just could not get in to.

I have a very vivid imagination and I am one of those people who likes to watch horror films through their fingers, who screams at every little thing, will very rarely watch them alone and always thinks that I will be safe when i go to bed if I wrap myself tight under my covers (yes .. I know what you’re thinking haha).

Slasher films tend to follow a basic structure that is set around three components, A serial Killer, A group of people, ( most of whom end up being Murder victims) and the Survivor.It is a given that the majority of the main cast will be killed off leaving one or 2 survivors. Sex, blood, chase scenes, fights,lots of screaming and murder,  all nicely packed in to a film of around 90 minutes with a neat ending.

That was until someone decided that it would be a great idea to create a show based on the original Scream films that would be spread over 10, 40 minute episodes.. Why??? I have no idea.

scream  The New Scream (Ghostface)


The story is Centred around Emma and her group of friends who are trying to deal with the murder of their best friend. When Emma became popular she distanced herself from former best friend and bicurious film nerd Aubrey who has recently had a video uploaded to YouTube of her kissing another girl. Emma struggles with the guilt she has in being a part of that and tries to make amends with her former friend, whilst also dealing with the secrets that surface about her family.

The first episode was just okay for me. You were introduced to the main characters and is obvious that there are lots of secrets and lies and a possible link to a serial killer from the past.

I will be honest.. I was only about to watch 4 episodes before I got completely bored of the whole thing. Cheap jump scares, predictable storyline and the main character is as bland as a beige wall and as interesting as watching paint dry.

Netflix has generally produced good shows and films but on this occasion it was a serious let down.

This was a 1 out of 5 for me.

woodywoodpecker bad


As always guys I would love to hear what you think..

Who has seen it?

Do you agree or disagree with my comments?

Any suggestions on what i should watch next?

Happy to accept all suggestions.



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