Now don’t get me wrong I do love my Barry M nail varnish but I have found that it doesn’t work so well in false nails . It always needs more than one coat, it doesn’t really paint on well and it always looks.. ridgy.

I have been looking at online tutorials etc for so good nail polish that will work well on acrylic nails as I am not a massive fan of using gel polish all the time just due to the fact it takes forever to remove.

I watch a lot of nail art tutorials of a you tuber called Cristine. Her channel is SimplyNailogical. I love watch her videos and getting ideas from her. They are really funny to watch you should all definitely check her out. As she is from Canada some of the products she uses are not available here in the UK but she does use an of F.U.N Lacquer and some Color Club so for my birthday I asked for some gorgeous Color Club HOLO Nail Polish…and….. IT IS AMAZING!!


My sister bought Color ClubEternal Beauty” and it applies in one thick beautiful coat and its so pretty! I cannot wait to get more. At £9 per bottle for the Holo polish it is not cheap but I would definitely recommend it for acrylic and natural nails. (ignore the fact that the acrylics are not that great I did them myself and I am just learning).

Color Club is a 5 out of 5 for me.. I will definitely be purchasing more Holo polish from them and no doubt many others.

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What is your favourite brand of nail polish?

Do you prefer Gel or polish?

Would love to hear some recommendations as i need to expand my collection





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