Now I don’t claim to know all about politics and when the whole ” to leave or not to leave the EU” referendum was going on I didn’t really understand what was going on so I didn’t vote. I believe if you don’t know fully what is going on it is best not to vote. It was only afterwards that I sat back and realised how ignorant I was to UK politics. I know bits and bays but I just hate watching politicians speak. They either the like big kids squabbling in the house of commons, shouting over each other and throwing digs, or they are being evasive in interviews never answering a question with a straight answer.

I am interested in Law so I’ve started to read up about the UK constitution and the English legal system and I realise how complex it all actually is. I feel I have a better grasp of what’s going on now.. but I am not sure if it really was the eight decision.

We can’t grow without change but such a big change.. I feel could do more harm than good.

During and after the referendum I saw some awful videos and posts about the way some of the brexit voters had been acting and it disgusted me. some of (not all) who voted brexit only did so because they were racist or just ignorant and even now it still baffles me how people think that kind if behaviour is okay.

I would live to hear a straight and honest answer to what will happen going forward but they seem incapable of doing this.


Coming on to the US elections… you had the Amazing choice of the crook or the sexist, racist ignorant prick. if it was me I would have preferred Clinton. I have not hear one solid argument for Trump..

I am not judging everyone that voted for Trump because I know that , just like in the Brexit Referendum some people who voted aren’t racist but I would really like to know why people voted for him.

Personally voting Clinton was the lesser of two Evils. The American citizens chose these two as their candidates for whatever reason and were left with two seriously crappy options. But now the US has this man in charge of their Nuclear weapons! Did anybody think for one second what that could potentially mean for people that could get caught up in the crossfire if he decides to have a hissy fit if he he and Putin fall out?

Some people I know have come out with stupid comments like “it is the USA this doesn’t effect us in England”.. YES IT DOES!! of course it does. It effects any country that has a relationship with America.


Come 2020 I hope that Michelle Obama chooses to run. I have seen some of her speeches and interviews. I have seen the projects she is involved in and i believe SHE is the kind of person that should be in charge. Level headed, kind, genuinely cares about the people. I know Barack Obama was not loved by all, and yes he may have made some mistakes with actions he took but he tried his best and that is all we can ask. They both showed that they were real people, got involved with their community and I am sure that their family is proud if how they have handled things over the last 8 years.

I really do hope that voters don’t live to regret their decision…


UK voters – Which way did you vote and why?

USA voters – Which way did you vote and why?

I genuinely do want to know and I will not judge anybody that comments on my post. I would just really like to see if people who voted had a genuinely valid, solid reason.




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