SHOW REVIEW:  Game of Thrones 

Okay so I know I am a bit behind with this but What the hell..

I started watching Game of Thrones when it first came out but then I stopped and started watching other things. Before I knew it Season 6 had begun and I hadn’t even finished Season 1. I started watching it again from the beginning and wondered why I ever stopped Watching it.

Games of Thrones is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R Martin


It is a series of epic fantasy Novels, the first of which is is called Game of Thrones. Now I have a confession to make…. I have not read the books, however they are going on my to ever growing reading list.

Set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, it has several plot lines and a large cast of characters. The first story  follows a conflict among competing claimants for succession to the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, with other noble families fighting for independence from the throne. There are lots of intertwining stories and secrets that revel themselves throughout the Seasons and it always keeps you guessing.


This is not the type of show you put on in the background and listen to whilst you go about your business, you really do have to pay attention otherwise you will lose the plot…literally. It is action packed from the beginning and it doesn’t slow down! There are too many characters to name and if I am honest I do still get a bit confused about who is who, who are allies and who are enemies, who’s good and who’s bad but that is what I love about Game of Thrones. Even when you dislike a character something happens and it makes you feel sorry for them (sometimes). It definitely is not predictable so if you do not like surprises this is not for you.If you do not like sex, blood, fighting etc , again, this is not for you!

The actors who play the characters play them so well. You see the younger characters like Arya and Sansa grow in to strong women. Arya is my favourite character and has been from the start. Always a bit of a tom boy, fierce, speaks her mind and doesn’t back down from a fight. I still cannot tell whether Varys is good or bad but I like that it keeps me interested.

I also want to take a second to mention the directing of the show and the production. The special effects are brilliant! The amount of time and effort it must take to produce one episode.. it amazes me! So much talent. I definitely could never do it. I feel like the production teams behind films and shows like this don’t get enough credit for the work they do.

I would definitely give Game of Thrones a 5 out of 5

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So what do you guys think?

Have you watched it ? if not why have you chosen not to?

What do you like/dislike about it if you have watched it?

Who is your favourite character?

Who do you love to hate?

Share your thoughts I am eager to know what other people think






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