FILM REVIEW: True Memoirs of an International Assasin

He’s not really an Assassin….but don’t tell the CIA that…

After his crazy new publisher markets his Crime Fiction Novel as memoirs Sam’s life totally changes. He goes from living a lonely life of an office worker to being involved in a political plot in Venezuela.

Sam Larson (Kevin James) is a quite mild mannered man who wants to be an author. He has spent all his time researching details for his crime Novel. With the help of his friend Amos (Ron Rifkin)who is a former soldier he finds out the ins and outs of covert ops. Sam is struggling to finish his book so goes to see Amos for advice. Amos tells him the story of “The Ghost” but tells him not to put the name in the book…. Guess what happens next… You guessed it. His final line in his book is “call me The Ghost”

Once the book is finished Sam sends off copies to different publishers who keep rejecting him. One night he gets a call from a publisher called Kylie, who wants to sell his book online. She tells him that she hasn’t  changed a word of the book and she loves it, however the day after Sam looks for the book online to find that Kylie had added the word”True” to the title and advertised it as non-fiction.

As he gets caught up in a political war in Venezuela between the president, a drug Lord and a local freedom fighter he is saved from being killed by Rosa Bolivar (Zulay Henao). The chemistry between the two is awkward at best and the cheesy nick names and trying to be funny just made it difficult to watch at times.

The story line is…well… a bit too out there for me. I love a good action movie with crazy storylines but they are only good because they work. They take you to a place where you think..WOW! I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that Sam would be mistaken for an International Assassin.. The characters didn’t fit the storyline.


Netflix have thrown up their fair share of Original films and shows that I have really enjoyed watching regardless of how cheesy they were, however this was not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong James is funny, and I do think he is great in King of Queens, Mall Cop and Grown ups but I feel True Memoirs of an International Assassin was a big step back for him.

Sorry but for me this was a 2 out of 5.. and that is because I do actually like Kevin James




What do you guys think? Have you seen it?

Did you enjoy it and why ?



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