FILM TRAILER AND REVIEW: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 


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WARNING: Watch at your own peril.. you will not be able to resist the urge to watch the film once you see this 

Today must have been the third…No…fourth time I have watched this and I just think it is a great film. Then again I have not come across a film yet that I do not like with Chris Pine in or THE LEGEND Kevin Costner.. I mean come on… tell me I am not alone here??


Okay after Jack Ryan (pine) see the 9/11 attacks whilst studying in London he decides to join the marines. Whilst on a mission his plane is shot down, he is left with a serious back injury and has to learn to walk again. Whilst in rehab he meets Cathy (Keira Knightley) and catches the eye of CIA official Thomas Carter (Costner) who asks him to join his team to prevent anything like 9/11 happening again. Carter tells Jack that he wants to help him finish his PHD in Economics order to do this.

It then skips to ten years later where Jack is working covertly for the CIA on Wall Street looking for any suspicious financial transactions that could indicate terrorist activity. He comes across some odd looking transactions that occur when the Russian Federation lose a key vote before the United Nations. The market doesn’t react the way Jack expects it too and he notices that large sums of money held by Russian organisations disappear. One of these  funds controlled by Viktor Cherevin (Kenneth Branagh). Jack is told by Carter that he needs to convince his boss to let him go to Russia to do an audit on Cherevin’s accounts. He goes home to tell his now girlfriend Cathy that he needs to go to Moscow and will be back in a few days. Earlier in the day she finds a ticket stub in his trouser pocket for a movie and this plants the seed that he is cheating, which he denies but he cannot tell her the truth about what he does. ( Oh the struggles).

When Jack lands in Russia the fun Begins….

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What I love about Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit…

The lead roles are played well. The right actors were definitely picked and the chemistry between them is there. Although there is not a huge amount of action and special effects in this film ( which isn’t a bad thing) the action scenes are very good. I don’t care how much of a good actor you are , if the production isn’t right the scene looks like a hot mess. 

The story line flowed well and the film ended on a cheesey but good note. People may think I am boring but I am a sucker for a cheesey ending. I do like the odd twist but you cant beat a classic ending.

My favourite quote from the whole film is during a  phone conversation between Jack and Cathy where Jack says ” I love you desperately you know that don’t you?.. Don’t lose faith in me”. So soppy but so sweet. 

What I wasn’t so fond of..

Now before i state what it is I just want to stress that this is nothing to do with this persons acting skills because they are great at what they do, however Keira’s American accent just threw me off a bit. Maybe it is because I am so used to seeing her in films as a Brit but I just felt that I could her accent coming through in certain words and  for me I would have preferred it if she had just stayed with the British accent.

All in all I love this film and would definitely watch it again..and again 5 out of 5 for me 



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