DISCUSSION TIME: What is music to you??? 


That question is such a vague question and it can be answered in so many different ways depending on the person who answers it. To some people music will be a career, a way of life,  to others it may be an escape. It may depend on the genre you’re listening to as to what it means to you but whichever answer you choose it will be personal to you and it is undeniable that music is a part of everyday life I’m one way or another. 

For me music is an escape, and it’s creativity . Whether you like the song or not someone has put their time and effort in to creating that song and putting it out there for the public to listen to. It takes a lot for somebody to put their work out there for people to see and hear, exposing themselves like that is something to be appreciated.

 I will listen to different artists depending on my mood. I love Spotify. I have a number of different playlists and if you do not mind playing your music on “Shuffle” rather than being able to select a particular song Spotify is great because it is free. You do get the occasional ads , which are annoying, however if you want to upgrade to premium it is £9.99 per month…. I digress..

I have a wide range of playlists on Spotify. One of which is a standard list provided by Spotify of “Today’s Top Hits”. As I do not get out much and I do not listen to the radio this is my way to keep up with the current hits on my way to and from work.

When I am in a reflective mode.. Adele comes out.. To be Honest I could listen to Adele no matter what mood I am in but reflective tends to be the main mood haha..

When I need motivation to clean.. the DIVA comes out.. Destiny’s Child and Beyonce are my go to girls!!.. If I have to be an adult and clean my flat I WILL have a sassy, fierce time doing so!.. weeeeeerrrrrrk. Maybe a bit of Hip-Hop will get thrown in there too. Dancing around to some great beats does wonders for the soul.

Now I LOVE to box and do weights and functional training at the gym. A bit of DMX, Skepta, Wiley, Kano, Lethal Bizzle gets the pulse racing and gets me focused. Grime is my go to Genre when I just want to smash a good gym session.

When I just want to sit back and chill out at home whilst I write, draw or cook I have a wide range of artists I enjoy listening to, from the Dixie Chicks to Twenty One Pilots. As long as I can relax and bust out a tune at the top of my voice I am a happy bunny!.

When I sit back and think about my life there are very few occasions where there is no music at all.. Sometimes When I want to block out the crap thoughts running round my mind I will play some soothing classical music to help me sleep. Music is a part of my life and I definitely feel that I would be lost without it.


What is music to you?

Do you have different artists or genres you listen to depending on your mood?

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4 thoughts on “DISCUSSION TIME: What is music to you??? 

  1. Music, to me, is inspiration. Partly motivation, too, I suppose. When I write my novels and short stories, I always, without fail, listen to music in order to either a) set the mood, or b) keep the flow of my brain alert and busy so I can stay focused on the task at hand! Also, just like you, I have very few moments in my life where music is not a part of whatever I do, be that cleaning or cooking. I think that if I hadn’t ended up with writing as my passion, then music definitely would’ve come out on top! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and prompting us to share them with you! 😀

  2. To me, music is medicinal. It truly curious what ails me. When I’m feeling bad, I put on my favorite tunes and I jam to the beat.

    I have a very eclectic taste in music. I guess I most closely identify as a 70s rocker chick. I do you like heavy-metal though too. And of course 1980s are the soundtrack of my youth. I also sang in glee club for my middle school years and was in the choir at church through high school. Belting out a good ole hymn lifts my spirits like nothing else ???

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