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So if you have read any of my previous reviews you will be aware that this is not the kind of thing I watch.. I have only done a few reviews but I think it is quite obvious what kind of things I like to watch. So when I was at my parent’s house over Christmas and we sat down to watch a film and the chose this, I was jumping with excitement. I had heard reviews about the film and praises for DiCaprio’s acting, which I had no doubt would be amazing but it just isn’t my type of film…

OOOOOH how wrong I was people.. Yes.. you read that correctly.. I.. admit.. I … Was Wrong…


 The Revnant follows the story of Frontiersman Hugh Glass(DiCaprio), who was attacked by a bear and left for dead in 1823 whilst he and his so Hawk are acting as guides for a group of Trappers. Hawk(Forrest Goodluck) is half Pawnee and some of the men take a disliking to him, especially Fitzgerald (Hardy), a hard faced arrogant man who hates being told what to do.

Despite the disgusting attitude the men have towards his son Hugh helps the group escape from an attack on their camp when Arikara attack them.  Once they escape on a boat Glass recommends that the stash the pelts that they had been able to save and head to the Trading post by foot. 

After they dock, stash the pelts and hide the boat Glass goes out to walking on his own and is mauled by a bear. He survives but is badly wounded. After trekking for a while carrying him Fitzgerald feels that they should mercy-kill Glass to allow them to get to the trading post quicker. Henry(Domhall Gleeson) the group leader agrees but cannot go through with it so offers to pay someone to stay back with Glass until he passes and give him the burial he deserves. Hawk and Jim Bridger (Poulter) agree to stay behind. Fitzgerald decides to stay because he needs the money he lost from the pelts that were taken when they were attacked. 

A few days pass and Fitzgerald gets impatient and tries to smother Glass as he isn’t getting any better… and that is all I will say about that.  It is so hard to provide enough information that you want to watch it but not too much that I end up spoiling it!!!

Things go down.. Glass doesn’t die but sets out on getting his revenge on Fitzgerald for leaving him alone and injured to die in the cold… AND THE JOURNEY BEGINS!!.. Yes it really gets going at this point.


There is a great cast of characters and they all play their role perfectly but I have to say DiCaprio’s performance was outstanding. I have actually not seen many of his films but I have always rated him as an actor. This film goes to show just how good he is. He deserves the recognition he got for this role and the Oscar that he finally received after years of being nominated. 


When it started I was a bit like ” what even is this?” .. ” am I going to be bored”.. but within a couple of minutes the action started.  

I actually couldn’t believe it when I found out parts of the story were actually true. There are theories about which parts were and which weren’t but one thing they all agree on is that Hugh Glass was mauled by a bear and lived.. I mean come on.. this was 1823!?? and he lived!! He was one determined man. Never gave up fighting and I loved every minuted of it.

I do have to warn you though.. anyone that has a sensitive stomach you do NOT.. I will repeat this.. DO NOT.. want to watch the bear scene. I can watch a lot of things but that scene was absolutely brutal. I was partly amazed at how they even created the scene to make it look so real and part of me wanted to cry, scream and look away because I could actually imagine the pain! Me and my mum were doing that thing you do when you watch scary films. half looking away but peeking through your fingers haha. 

I am so glad I watched this it was a very pleasant surprise for the most part haha.. just that bear scene.. Watch it and trust me you will fee what I felt. 

Please let me know in the comments below if you have seen it and what you thought because I want to know what other peoples reactions were to this film.

Once again we cannot finish a review without praising the directors and production team. Cinematography, visual effects, location, costuming, everything pulled together to make an epic film.

5 out of 5 from this Creative Misfit 


That is it from me for today. Signing off to get some shut eye ( not posted when written haha) 

As always people Be Kind, Be Happy, and Stay True to You.

Keep on Keeping on.






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  1. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book yet. (I do want to read the book before I see the movie though). I saw this :

    «Punke allegedly came up with the idea to write the novel while on an airplane, after reading a couple of lines in a history book about real-life frontier fur trapper Hugh Glass.[2] Punke was also working at the law firm of Mayer Brown at the time when he started the book (1997), so he would go to the office as early as 5:00 AM before anyone else got there to write pages for roughly three hours, and then do his job for eight to ten hours.[1] The book took a total of four years to complete and according to his brother Tim, Punke actually caught pneumonia at least four times during the writing process.»

    And I am just dying to read the book!

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