FILM REVIEW: Zootopia or Zootropolis.. whatever you call it..


You should all know by now that I love a good old chiller night with the laptop, scrolling through films and TV shows to watch (mostly Netflix). If you have read any of my other reviews you will also know that I do love Animated movies. So it should be no surprise that I decided to watch one of the more recent animated films from Disney.

One thing that annoyed me ( unrelated to the actual content of the film) is the fact that the name of the film was changed when it was brought to the UK.  I was so confused at one point because I was looking for what we call Zootropolis online and couldn’t find it anywhere and then I came across Zootopia.. I was thinking maybe it was the sequel or something and decided to google it.  It turns out that the name was apparently changed to be more appealing to a UK audience …..

I mean I don’t know about you other Brits out there but I kinda think Zootopia has a better ring to it and I would love to know where these people got their data from that would make them think that it would be more appealing with a changed name.. The funny thing is that it isn’t even that different, so changing the title and having to spend time and money changing the word Zootopia to Zootropolis every time it was mentioned during the film  ( which no doubt took an age) was an absolute waste!!

Anywhooooo.. lets get cracking with this review shall we..


Just in case you hadn’t figured it out from the title…the trailer…the characters on the posters in the cinema ( when it was showing) and the DVD cover, this film is all about.. wait for it… ANIMALS. 

Judy Hopps is an optimistic bunny who has always dreamed of being a cop. Her parents tried to make her settle for being a carrot farmer but in a world full of anthropomorphic mammals, where predators and prey coexist she sees no reason why she cannot be a police officer. Those roles, however were mostly taken by larger animals, which meant that Judy was made fun of for wanting to be a police officer. 

After completing the training she becomes a police office and gets to work in Zootopia. Judy thinks that because she has, not only passed the training, but finished top of her class she will be taken seriously as an officer of the law not just a tiny bunny. This, unfortunately is not the case and she is put on duty as a Meter Maid while all of her colleagues get the best assignments.

After being hustled by a fox con artist by the name of Nick Wilde, Judy has him on her radar and she is set on catching him out, however when she is reluctantly given a case by her boss to find a missing otter, Emmitt Otterton she needs Nick’s help.

After she blackmails Nick in to helping her they end up on a roller coaster of a journey. Can a fox and a rabbit really end up being friends?

Even Disney knows how much we love selfies!!!!.




I am a sucker for animated films. Big Hero 6,   The Rise of The Guardians and so many more.. I have to say that this is up there with them. 

First of all.. I may be totally showing my natural hair colour here but I was not aware that Otters were classes as predators.. YES.. you react that correctly.. OTTERS!! .. Please tell me I am not the only one shocked by this information? *holds her breath waiting for an answer*

Once again Disney just nail it. An animated film that appeals to the young as well as the old. The innuendos and subtle jokes that us adults understand but children wont!! I love how they work things like that in. They have created funny and endearing characters.


Say……….HI…………….to……………………………Speedy!!! Now this was one of my favourite scenes. I am not American but from the amount of American Sitcoms and films I have watched I can totally appreciate this scene!!!

Ginnifer Goodwin plays Judy Hopps and the hilarious Jason Bateman plays Nick. I couldn’t have picked the cast better myself. Ginnifer, for me is more ewll known for playing Snow White in Once Upon a Time but she has one of those voices and attitudes that totally fits the character of a determined little bunny out to right the world… if that makes sense haha… Idris ElbaIdris Elba plays Chief Bogo and we even get to enjoy the vocal stylings of Shakira who plays Gazelle.

All in all it was a really good film. I would watch it again but for me it was a 4 out of 5. The only reason i have given it a 4 is because it didn’t get me excited.. not like some other things i’ve seen.



So that was my review.. 

Please note tha all opinions are my own and I was in no way sponsered to write this review

Congrats if you have kept reading until the end.. so I know you have actually read this review please comment with the word “Rabbit” if you liked the film “fox” if you didn’t and “buffalo” if you haven’t watched it yet.

Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You.

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