January Wrap up……WARM!!!!…

Oh the weather outside is frightful

I don’t have a fire but my heating is delightful

In case you don’t have Facebook (or a window)

In January we had SNOW!!

I know my lyrical prowess just amazes you so I will stop there as I do not want to overwhelm you with awesomeness!! 

Here we are again. another month gone by so quickly but this is the first month of 2017!!!

My year has started off with a bang!!! I have definitely hit the ground running with my blog and trying to turn this in to a business.  People don’t realise that if you want to do something like this, whether it is as a hobby or as a business it does take a lot of effort. Growing your blog, networking, engaging with other content creators, it all adds up and it does take up a lot of time. I can honestly say though I would not change a second of it.

I started really focusing on my blog late September/early October 2016 and in that short period of time I have grown so much and met so many great people. 

This month I hit 100 Followers on my blog and posted my 100th post

I reached 1000 followers on twitter!! I now have over 500 Instagram followers and I am still growing. To say that this time three months ago I have about 100 twitter and Instagram followers and maybe 2 followers on my blog from a post that was published way back in 2015 I would say that is pretty good going wouldn’t you.

This month has been a whirlwind of bookish awesomeness with some great releases by so lovely Indie authors.. If you would like to go check out some of those posts I will leave the links below.. trust me.. you want to :).

RELEASE BLITZ: Girl at The Bar by Nicholas Nash

BOOK REVIEW: Holiday Heartwarmers

RELEASE BLITZ: Carnal Obsession by Reily Garrett

RELEASE BLITZ: Love On Ocean Drive

BOOK REVIEW: The Returning by Rachelle Dekker

BOOK REVIEW: Souls of This Broken City by Kayla Kirby

FYI – in case you cannot tell by my raving review. I 100% recommend Souls of This Broken City.. You do need this book in your life if you like Dystopian Fantasy.

I have only reviewed one movie this month as I have been so busy with all my bookish things! Next month I need to up my game on the movie aspect  of my blog as well as some more product reviews.

Speaking of which.. I have been contacted to review two teeth whitening products which I will be posting reviews for in February. Along with a Herbal Tea subscription box review, a Fairy loot Unboxing and I hopefully have something else in the pipeline but its not a dead cert yet so that is to be revealed. IM SO EXCITED FOR WHATS TO COME

Image result for shaky gif


I have been nominated for not one.. but two more awards!! I love this community. You never know who is reading your content. Out of nowhere these two nominations popped up and it definitely does make me feel like I am interesting to people out there haha! When you go so long with very few comments and minimal interaction you do begin to wonder!

I have also booked my first ever trip to London to attend London Blog Con!! I am so excited. That will be happening on 18th March. I do also have a YouTube Channel so I will hopefully be doing a vlog as i become more comfortable on camera .

I have attached links below to my YouTube Videos that I have Uploaded in January. If you do like what you see please like and subscribe. I would also love to hear your comments.

So many things have happened this month and I hope there will be lots more exciting opportunities to come.  I put a lot of effort in to what I do so it does mean alot to know that people rad and enjoy my content.


If you do enjoy my posts please let me know it is always lovely to hear from people.

Any suggestions on what I can do next? happy to take all suggestions on board.

I hope you all have a fab day/week/month 

As always Be Kind, Be happy and Stay True to You



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