BOOK REVIEW:Love On Ocean Drive by Aubrey Barr

Title: Love On Ocean Drive

Author: Aubrey Parr

Series Status:  Love on #2

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Number of Pages:  196 Pages

**Disclaimer: I was provided with a kindle ARC of this book by Quill and Ink Tours in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own**





There is a street that follows the water along the South Beach of Miami. Its name is Ocean Drive.

Among the excitement of South Beach, Kate Olesen has the perfect weekend romance with a mysterious and sexy artist. Jaded from her time as a divorce attorney, Kate is not willing to look past the two days and she returns home to Chicago. However, she can’t deny that this man that has changed her forever. Can she find a way to forget him…or does she even want to?

Dominic Price needs a woman that could see past his fame and fortune. He needs Kate. She’s brilliant, gorgeous and an art lover as well. This Midwestern girl is everything he’s been waiting for. Can he convince her to stay with him?


Okay so it is kind of easy to tell from the synopsis that this would be a kind of “insta-love” type book and to be fair the last one I read was a bit over dramatic for my liking so although I was hyped to read this I was not sure how it was going to go. 

Within the first few chapters my suspicions had been confirmed, however, Love on ocean Drive had a totally different feel to me than A Chance at Forever.  Maybe it is because the characters were older, or maybe it was because Kate was trying to fight it that made it feel a bit more real and a bit less like a rushed teen drama. 

I personally am a huge cynic of the whole love at first sight thing but in order to review this book fairly I had to put my own feelings on the matter to one side in a way so I could actually provide a true opinion on the book. 

I have to say, although it did not totally blow my mind like some of the fantasy books I have read recently, there is a twist I didn’t see coming and I really liked it. It gave the story more depth. The main characters are well developed. You do get a more in depth look at Dominic’s family than Kate’s, although that is to be expected given the place they meet.

I love the relationship between Kate and her best friend Nicole, but also between Kate and Nicole’s husband Derek, as well as Derek and Nicole. The characters all seem well suited.. that will make more sense when you read the book.

The only negative for me really was that after the twist the story seems to pick up pace and it feels a bit rushed. We spend all this time getting to know the characters and building this relationship and then its like.. bish …bash …bosh .. done.. see ya bye!! I would have preferred it if a little more time had been taken with the story nearer the end.

Overall I did really enjoy Love On Ocean Drive , which is a shock for me haha so I give this a solid 4 out of 5 . Perfect for a chilled out easy reading session



Let me know what you guys think of this book if you choose to read it.

As always Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You





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