BOOK REVIEW:Love On the Malecon by Aubrey Barr


Title: Love On the Malecon
Series: Love On
Author: Aubrey Parr
Genre: contemporary romance

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**Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and this ebook was provided by Quill and Ink Tours and Aubrey Parr in exchange for an honest review**the-story

In the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta, there is a magical oceanfront promenade known as the Malecon.

As a tribute to her father’s life, Nicole James travels to his favorite place on Earth. On the cobblestone streets of charming Puerto Vallarta, she meets Derek, an ex-MMA fighter who invested his winnings into land for luxury hotels. Derek is fabulously wealthy, aging like fine wine, and lives on resorts like an endless vacation. Could her father have orchestrated this chance meeting with Mr. Right from beyond the grave?

Derek Stone never thought a woman would fit into the world he created, until Nicole came along. She’s beautiful, smart, and sexy. More importantly, she has no idea of his money. Derek has taken care of himself for his entire life. He’s not used to trusting anyone. Can he tear down his walls and let Nicole inside?


Well, well, well Mi amor I have to say Aubrey has gone and done it again… well technically not again as this was the first in the series and like an absolute Idiota  I read book 2 before book 1. BUT IN MY DEFENSE I was not aware they followed on with the same characters and you don’t really have to have read 1 before reading 2 because it is a bit like the Carry On films where the same characters are in it but the story is different. ( If you don’t like  Carry on films Aubrey I do apologise if this statement offended you )

I love how Aubrey writes.  She describes everything in detail.. The story is not rushed. You are given the chance to imagine exactly what everything looks like from the characters to the scenery. For me it is important that an author can take time to do this and allow the reader to feel like they are they and can see what the characters see.

Hector for me is such a great the story and i definitely laughed to myself when it came to him. I could just imagine what he was like.

Derek is a perfect gentleman with a not so perfect upbringing but he is so endearing. Nicole is a little firecracker who has clearly been lacking something in her life. As I said before I am personally skeptical of the whole “insta-love” thing but this book is a sweet love story and is beautifully written

Love on the Malecon gets 4 out of 5 from this misfit





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4 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW:Love On the Malecon by Aubrey Barr

  1. Love on the Malecon sounds like a great read. Gorgeous cover. Thanks for the heads-up,Lisa. I’ll definitely give it a go.

    I’ve been hearing great things about “Sealskin” which is set on the coast of Scotland (it’s not about U.S. seals (!) but about mythical creatures called selkies who are seals that turn into humans). Apparently, if you want to read it, you need a box of Kleenex handy.

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