FILM REVIEW: iBoy – OMG Netflix have done it again..



Once again Netflix notified me that there was a film that was recommended for me based on what I have watched before. I had not seen the trailer for this film or even heard anything about it so I was like  “What the hell.. Why not? let’s see what this is all about”

I have said it before and I will say it again.. my relationship with British Sitcoms isn’t great and to be honest I tend to avoid British films unless they Hype makes me watch it because there is just something about the acting in most of the things I watch that seems forced and unrealistic. So when I realised that this was a film based in London I did not have high expectations.


I decided, once it had popped up on my list, not to watch the trailer. Just because I feel sometimes they give too much away. Either that or they have all the best parts in them and it feels like it was pointless watching the actual film.

As you can see from the trailer the film is about a young boy named Tom (Bill Milner) who walks in on his friend being raped Lucy ( Masie Williams)by some thugs who had just beaten up her brother. He runs away in shock and is shot in the process whilst trying to call for help. He wakes up with debris from the phone lodged in his brain and this is where the fun techy, totally unrealistic but really cool stuff starts to happen.


Maisie is more well known for her role as the amazing Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. I love her character in the series so I was interested to see what she brought to this role (once I realised she was in it)  as it is quite a bit different to the character we normally see her play. I have never seen Bill in any films before so was not sure what I would think about him in this film.  

I have to say that i absolutely loved it. From the characters, to the soundtrack. It all blended  and fit together so well. The one thing I loved is that IT WAS NOT OVER ACTED!!!.. something so simple can ruin a whole film.. It is about London gangs and it would have been so easy for the bad boys to over play the role and just make it seem cheesy. You know what I mean though right?? They all come out with this rough broad cockney accent.. Like everyone from London sounds like they smoke fifty cigs a day and looks like they have been stung in the mouth by a wasp. 

I think each character played their parts perfectly. Lucy and Tom, the main characters worked well together. He was a little bit shy and nerdy . She was popular but she was not up her own backside. After what happened to her he went to see her, tried to look out for her and ultimately wanted to find out who did this awful thing to her.

I really like how it was obvious what they did to her but the word rape didn’t even have to be mentioned. We just knew that is what they had done. I think it is mentioned later on but with it being such a sensitive subject, again could have gone so wrong but Maisie , being the great actress she is just played it perfectly. 

It isn’t one of those films with over the top special effects and loads of futuristic techy gear but it is a really well acted, well produced film and everything just works. Each person plays their part until the jigsaw Puzzle is finally complete and you step back and seek the full picture in all its glory.

For me iBoy gets 5 out of 5 





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