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It is always great to come across new apps and products and when I saw this I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be involved. 

Not only will this app be fun, it also allows you to gain knowledge, help charity and have a chance to win some money yourself. 


Every Question answered. Every answer, rewarded


An innovative new question-and-answer crowd-sourcing platform – in the form of a free-todownload app for iOS and Android – is launching with a Facebook campaign which gives members of the public the chance to win up to £1,000 in the first stage of the competition: by merely asking a question. In the second stage of the competition, participants will then have another opportunity to win up to £1,000 by answering the original questions. A total of £10,000 will be given away.

Furthermore, to emphasise the ANNA app’s ethos of giving, ANNA will donate 50p for every question posted to London’s Queens Park Youth Centre and various other London youth organisations.

Called ANNA (after founder and CEO Anna Hedman, for whom it is a very personal project), the app takes the concept of crowd-sourced question –and-answer platforms to the next level. Users will constantly be rewarded (with cash and vouchers) for sharing their expertise, while establishing reputations in their specialist areas, a feature which could prove more valuable with potential employers than a conventional paper CV.





Here is a little bit about the creator of The Anna App.


Anna Hedman is the founder and CEO of ANNA, the first question-and-answer crowd-sourcing platform for iOS and Android which rewards participants and brings businesses and individuals together. Aged 26, she originates from Finland, although she lived in Germany, the UK and US when she was young. She lives in London.

Following two years studying Sociology at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, she also has a BA in Fashion Marketing from Regents University, London.

Prior to ANNA, she founded and ran a charity called MAKTUB, which she describes thus: “It was set up with the aim to provide financial sponsorship, access to unpaid internship and work experience opportunities for disadvantage or vulnerable young people in London. A big part of it was encouraging young people in London to work together and help each other.” MAKTUB was wound down in 2016 when its funding elapsed.

The ANNA platform found its roots in this ideology, as she explains “I wanted to turn helping others into an exciting experience that is stimulating and engaging for all participants.

Sharing knowledge is one of the most powerful ways to help others in this day and age.” The genesis of MAKTUB and the Anna platform is a reflection of the experiences and incredible adversities that Anna has overcome during the course of her life. She explains: “I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder which lead to quite intense social development issues (I turned from a happy, popular child to a teen that feared and could not communicate with her peers) and then of course I adopted all kinds of behavioural problems.”

How to contact Anna

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  • The initial question phase will end midnight 20th February 2017. In the run-up to the launch of ANNA, a Facebook campaign is giving ANNA users the chance to win hard cash, simply by asking and answering questions. In the initial question phase, participants who like the ANNA Facebook page ( can post their most burning question, accompanied by the hashtag #themostimportantquestion, after which it will be entered into a vote.
  •  A voting phase, running between February 21 and midnight, March 13, will allow participants to lobby their friends for supporting votes.
  • Then, the top 20 most popular questions will be unveiled. The most popular question will win £1,000, the next most popular £700, the next seven £250 and the final nine £150, making up a cash pot of £5,000.
  • And the cash bonanza doesn’t end there: a similarly divided £5,000 cash pot will reward the 20 most popular answers to those questions posted in the ANNA app, which will launch after the question phase of the Facebook campaign – this time, the voting phase will run until midnight, April 18, 2017.



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