Title: The Girl At The Bar
Series: standalone

Author: Nicholas Nash

Genre: psychological thriller

** Disclaimer: This book was provided by the Author and Quill and Ink Tours in exchange for an honest review**



Rebecca, a brilliant cancer researcher, disappears after a one-night stand with a neurotic man with a questionable past. 

Her sudden disappearance in the midst of a high-stakes quest to cure cancer between two rival billionaires sets into motion an inexplicable chain of events as the bodies start to pile up. 

No one knows why she disappeared. The race to find answers ensnares everyone around her, one of whom is a deeply disturbed psychopath lurking in the shadows. 

Is Rebecca still alive? What happened to her? Who did it? And why? Questions about her vex everyone looking for answers. No one can be trusted and no one is above suspicion…


Well.. well… where do I start..??? The Girl at The Bar is not a book for the faint of heart. It does have some adult themes and as you can imagine some gruesome crime scenes as it is a Psychological Thriller but I could not put this book down. 

First off lets talk about the characters.. Ragnar is such a sweetie and you definitely feel for him. He is head over heals from the first time he sees Rebecca and will do anything to find her.. This is insta-love (on his part for sure) but the story doesn’t really play out like a normal  Insta- love romance.

The cops – Timothy – I get the feeling that he is a decent guy and I kinda like him. Roberta – No… just no.. I dislike her so much that I want to reach through the book and slap her round the face a few times!!  

Raoul – seems like a loner type. Private investigator , rough ex cop with a soft side.

The other characters that appear throughout the book are definitely shifty and you do start to wonder “who dunnit?”  

Nash has a way of allowing you to get to know all the characters whilst still staying on track with the main story , which is finding Rebecca. Is she dead?? is she alive?? who took her??  love the transition between past and present. It definitely gives you a better feel for the characters, the storyline and how they got to that moment where Rebecca went missing. 

The list of suspects is endless. Personally, maybe because I have watched so many crime dramas and films in my life I kinda had an idea about who it was but had no reason why it would be them, which really confused me. The way Nash builds suspense, gives you a little bit of a teaser, and then switches it up  will definitely keep you gripped and on the edge of your seats.

Overall, great characters, great storyline, very well written, fast paced, full of suspense and questions throughout. A perfect example of what a Psychological Thriller should be. I would 100% recommend this book.

This misfit gives The Girl at The Bar a 5 out of 5 




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  1. Yes, I love thrillers and mysteries and crime and… well, books in general ? Thanks for this review and now I can say (when I buy yet another book) “Lisa made me do it” ?

    Need to read more of your reviews when I find some time. Love that you give enough just enough to entice, and keep enough hidden to not spoil the story.

    Maya | londondamsel.co.uk

    • ?? glad that you like me reviews.. It’s hard to hold back when I love a book haha but I would ? % recommend this.. And I love that you can say I made you do it haha ? x

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