My Right foot hates Me Being Warm!! :'(

Now you may think I am being a mahoosive drama queen here and totally over exaggerating this but i swear my right foot has a mind of it’s own!

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Okay let me explain myself a bit better.. Even with my heating on in my flat I still get really cold. I don’t want to blast the heating up full whack because it is one of those energy saving heaters that heats up over night and releases heat during the day and for the majority of the day I am at work. Hence.. there is no point putting my heating on full whack. 

So I will put all my heaters on medium/low and I will wear socks around my flat and when I go to bed. I will generally wear my cat dressing gown or fluffy poncho to potter around in until I go to bed.

I go to sleep and everything is fine. My toes are nice and toasty warm and i’m laying in a comfortable position…. Suddenly .. in the middle of the night I will wake up and my right leg is sticking out from underneath the quilt, pyjama bottoms rolled half way up my leg, sock off and twisted in some random, uncomfortable position.

Same thing happens almost every night! It is so frustrating because I have to force my leg out of it’s stupid awkward position and it end up taking ages to get back to sleep. 

It is always my right leg and my sock always falls off.. I am telling you! My right foot hates me being warm. it is out to get me!! .. That is all!!! hahahathe-end

Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You!






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