BOOK REVIEW: Gas Up the Jet, Baby! by Aubrey Parr


Title: Gas Up The Jet, Baby: New York
: Love On…#2.5

Author: Aubrey Parr
Genre: contemporary romance



Nicole and Kate, from the Love on… series, set their sights on a weekend in New York City for their next girls’ trip. On their way to the airport, they meet Lauren. She’s left the home she shared with her cheating boyfriend and has a bag filled with her life’s possessions at her feet. Nicole knows exactly what Lauren needs, convincing her to join their jet-setting trip. Lauren spends the weekend reconnecting with her brother Cameron, a New York City cop, falling for Zane, a sexy bartender from their hotel, and hanging out with her new friends. Along the way, there is a bit of suspense and excitement that keeps them all on their toes. Come along with the girls for a weekend trip to the Big Apple!



Okay so as you are all probably aware by now if you read my posts, recently Fantasy and sci-fi books have been my go to genre, however I am all for exploring other genres.

If you have read my previous reviews on the Love On.. Series you will know that Aubrey Parr totally changed my mind when it came to Contemporary Romance.  I think she is a great writer and although there are no crazy totally unrealistic fantasy creatures and fight scenes she writes in a way that keeps the reader actively engaged from start to finish. 

Although I did really enjoy the first two installments of this series I do have to say that there was something missing from this novella. I appreciate that novellas are supposed to be short a sweet but I just feel that this was a bit rushed. I am a very fast reader, and if I am totally engrossed in a book I can read it in a few hours but I feel that I went through this book far too fast. At only 85 pages long I think I finished it in about an hour and a half. 

As well as the characters we have grown to love there are some new characters in Gas up The Jet, Baby!. The new characters in the book are Lauren, newly single after walking in on her boyfriend and some other woman in their bed. Zane, the hunky bartender that catches Lauren’s eye as soon as they enter the hotel in New York, and Cam, Lauren’s older brother who she hasn’t seen for ten years.  Unfortunately, we only get a brief glimpse in to who these characters are. We learn a bit about Lauren but we learn very little about Cam and Zane. Unlike the other two books in the series I feel like I didn’t really get to know the characters well at all.  maybe it is just me but the backstory to characters is something I really enjoy reading about. I enjoy getting to know the personalities, likes and dislikes etc. 

Don’t get me wrong I did still enjoy this installment, however I did feel that it rushed through the story very quickly and if you have read the first two books you could kind of see where the plot was heading, which made it a little anticlimactic. 

All in all I am still an Aubrey Parr fan and my review is in no way a reflection on how I feel about her as an author, however this book just missed the mark for me so I am going to have to give it a 2 out of 5.





I am back after a lengthy time away, I was hoping to be able to write more in April but for one reason or another that didn’t happen. Sometimes you just need to take time for yourself and refresh. 

As always lovelies I would appreciate your feedback, any comments or suggestions on books I should add to my TBR!

Remember, Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You!



**Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**


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