So lately I have been a bit of a bad blogger and I haven’t been posting much at all, however I have still been testing out new products, reading books , watching shows and films etc, so I will be writing up all my reviews and posting them over the next few weeks. I don’t know what has gotten in to me the past few months but I have been in a total funk.. I have wanted to blog and start vlogging but the motivation and energy just hasn’t been there, which sucks because I know I won’t grow unless I put the effort in.

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you, my first impressions of some of what I would class as higher end products that I received from Love me Beauty and Latest in Beauty

I will link all the full sized products below in case you are interested, I will link UK and US sites where possible.



First up we have the Make up forever Ultra HD loose powder. As I said before mine was only a sample so I didn’t get a whole lot of product but it was enough to test out and see what I thought. It applied really well and it definitely set my makeup in place. My makeup lasted all day and looked flawless.

The full size tub retails for £24.50  on Escentual or $36.00 USD directly from the Makeup Forever website. In the full size tub you do only receive 8.5g of product, which I personally think is a very small amount considering the price point.



Personally, I wouldn’t go out and purchase this myself as I do think there are cheaper powders out there such as the RCMA no colour powder that do the job just as well.


Next up we have the Bare Minerals  BareSkin Serum foundation with SPF20. I got my sample in the colour 

Now this foundation did not agree with my skin at all on the first attempt. It applied very streaky, didn’t blend out properly and left my skin very patchy. I thought maybe it was the fact that I used Nanoblur underneath.  Nanoblur just did not agree with my skin at all so I decided to give the foundation a second try as I had enough left in the tub. 

Second time around I feel that it did apply a little bit better. I do still feel that it may be a bit too liquidy (not a real word) for me.  It looked a bit streaky and didn’t blend as well as my other foundations. I will say that when I did eventually blend it in it sat really nicely on my skin and is definitely buildable.

The Bareskin Serum Foundation retails for £27.00 in the Bare Minerals website and $29.50 on Sephora.



One thing I will say is that Bare Minerals have a 20 different shades to choose from, which I think is amazing because I see so many brands that only have 4/5 shades, which means you have to get two shades and mix them if you want to use that particular brand. Either that, or you walk around with a face that doesn’t match your neck ( which I see so often).

I feel that I may need to try this again with different primers underneath to see what works , if anything as it did work better the second time around. This may be one I have to work with a bit more.


Now, moving on to Nanoblur. As you can get this from Boots I wouldn’t really class this as high end but you do pay £19.99 for 30ml of product, which is pretty steep in my eyes. Although I guess it would depend on how much quickly you get through the product and how often you have to re-purchase it. It is supposed to give the skin a smoothing effect as if you are air brushed and sits under powder makeup or over the top of your base.

I was quite shocked to find that for the US you can only purchase it on and the price is ridiculously high at $42.70.



In my opinion it is not worth the price because it just didn’t work on me. If you can try before you buy I would higly recommend that as you don’t want to go spending that amount of money unless you know you like the product.  I tried it underneath and over the top of my makeup and it just left my skin feeling sticky .


Finally we have the Nude ProGenius face Treatment Oil. This is supposed absorb for deep hydration and to smooth the skin. 

Now , it is a good job I was sitting down whilst searching for the full size product because this beast comes in at a whopping £58.00 for 30ml.. Yes.. you read that right! I couldn’t find anywhere where you could buy this in the US but on Sephora you can get other NUDE Skincare products and they currently range from $54.60 (reduced from $78.00) to $61.60 (reduced from $88.00). I don’t know if the Sephora prices are a permanent price or if it is just a sale.



For me, again, this one was a bit of a fail. I do get really dry skin on my chin and cheeks so they are the only places I put it as I get a very oil T-zone and I don’t need more oil on there but I just found that it didn’t sink in to my skin all that well. It kind of sat on the top for a while and made my skin feel a bit greasy. It left a bit of a greasy residue over the top of my skin. I have never used a face oil before so this is a trial and error situation for me. Maybe Oils in general are not suitable for me or maybe it is just this one. I won’t know unless I try more products but for now this is a no go for me.

I do also feel that the price point for this is epic! and if I do a little bit more research I could probably find a drugstore or lower end product that would give the same results they claim to provide.

Disclaimer: I hate having to put this but I have to say this is not a sponsored post. I bought the subscription boxes these came in and my opinions are my own. I also wanted to say I am not throwing shade at these brands. I am just stating my honest opinions and letting you know how they worked for me and on my skin. 


If you enjoyed this review please let me know .. 

Leave a comment down below with your favourite skincare and makeup products

As always Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You



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