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Hello!! and welcome to another Blog Tour Post from yours truly.  Today is the turn of Bryan Alaspa with his Thriller called Storyland.

Thrillers are becoming one of my favourite Genres to read and if you like a good Thriller then I recommend Storyland.

To Give you a little sneak peak , below is an excerpt from the book: ENJOY!! (Disclaimer: There is some strong language)

“Martin Brace killed a bunch of people. Holy shit, isn’t that the guy that you grew up with? Are you watching the news?”

“Wait – huh? What?”

I rub my eyes and try to wake up. Where the hell am I? Oh, right. San Diego. Hotel. ComiCon. Here to flog the latest story arc of The Crusader. You know, the thing that has made you sort of famous in a comic book writer sort of way and pays the bills now that they want to make a movie (or series of movies) out of it.

Long night last night. Too much to drink. Too much hanging out with fellow artists and writers and more than a few people dressed in elaborate costumes.

“Ned, are you awake? What are you doing?”

“I’m in San Diego, Frank. Fuck. It’s three hours behind from where you are. Christ. What did you say?”

My partner on the comic, the man who does the coloring, shading and helps me develop the characters and story, Frank Delevagne is on the line. He couldn’t make it because his wife is currently very pregnant and about to pop out twins. His voice is a tad – annoying. This early in the morning, it’s like daggers in my head.

Not the booze. Nope.

Is it still morning?

I wake up and wipe the sleep from my eyes. I put Frank on speaker and set it down on the bed. I turn and fumble for the remote and hit the power button. The TV comes to life and I do a bit more fumbling to find a news channel. I am shocked to see my old stomping grounds from when I was a kid on the national news.

“Frank, what the hell is going on?”

“Weren’t you listening, Ned? I said that famous writer guy, that recluse, Martin Brace has been arrested. He apparently killed a bunch of people. I mean, he went fucking nuts and killed them with a fucking knife. Just cut them to shit and then calmly turned himself right into the cops. Weren’t you two, like, best friends when you were kids?”

I’m back to rubbing my eyes, trying to sort out what I’m seeing on the television and what I’m hearing in my head. “Yeah,” I say, finally. “Yeah, we were. I haven’t talked to him in a long time, though. He hasn’t talked to many people in a long time.”

“Yeah, the guy’s a fucking weirdo, right? I mean, he’s been locked up in that fucking house for years, churning out those weird-ass fantasy and sci-fi novels. The guy’s gotta be a fucking millionaire, but he still lives in that tiny house out in the middle of Bumble-fuck Egypt, right?”

“Pennsylvania. Just near Clarion, Pennsylvania.”

“Yeah, like I said. Bumblefuck. What the hell, man? Are you going to head back there?”

I’m still processing. Still trying to figure out what I’m seeing. I haven’t even had a chance to really understand what the news is saying. “I don’t know, Frank. I haven’t heard from Martin in a long, long time. I mean, it was a late night last night and this is the last day of the convention. It’s supposed to be the big day for the Crusader. Let me try and figure out what’s going on and I’ll call you back.”

“OK. Sorry I woke you up. I just thought you should know.”

“Thanks, Frank. How’s Martha doing?”

“Man, she is huge and she’s going to pop any time now. Maybe today. Can you fucking believe that?”

“No. And you’re going to have to stop swearing so much. You should get a start on that.

“Fuck you. Talk to you later, man. Again, sorry to wake you up.”

“Right. Talk to you later.”

I hang up the phone and hit the volume UP button. The screen is filled with a shot of what looks like the woods. I know those woods. Martin and I, we used to hang out there when we were kids. Hours and hours spent in the woods playing games. It was ages ago. A lifetime ago. There’s police tape and cop cars parked on the road and people in uniform tromping through there. Sheets cover what must be bodies and there looks like tents in the woods. All of this taken from a circling helicopter.

“Reporting again. Author Martin Brace has been arrested by local police near Clarion, Pennsylvnia, for the murder of four people who were camping at a site in the woods nearby. The reports are sketchy right now, but a police source has said that the author showed up ranting and raving and waving a machete. There was a fifth person there, a young boy, who did survive, but it’s unclear if he has been able to offer any information to police. Brace was reportedly covered in blood and  arrested without incident. No motivation has been given, although friends and relatives of Brace have said that his mental health has been an issue for years, but few of them had heard from him in months.”


I am part way through this book and I am loving it.

If you would like to grab your own copy just click the link below (this is an affiliate link, which means i make a small commission off any purchases)



What are your favourite Genres to read/write? I would love to hear from you guys

Until next time. Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You!



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