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The Blog-aholic Award

So there I was, going about my daily business, reading, writing reviews, networking, chatting to friends, when all of a sudden I get a notification that someone has commented on my blog post. 

*tap, tap , tap, scroll, tap… BOOM* This comment pops up.

You never know who is seeing what content you put out there.  Just because they are not liking and commenting on your posts it doesn’t mean that they are not being read. Thank you Destiny from Reflection of Desi for nominating me. It was a shock but a very nice shock. Guys go check out her blog there is some great content on there.

Thank you to the creator of the award The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy). It is always nice when people take time out to create these awards. That little bit of recognition definitely makes me feel like my blog is reaching people and they are enjoying it so thank you.

What is The Blog-aholic Award?

“The Blog-aholic Award” is an award for bloggers addicted to blogging with creative, ingenious and inspiring posts. They mesmerize their followers with their posts, keep them captivated and riveted to their blog. The Blog-aholic Award is also for bloggers who “Share and Inspire Others!” The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy)


Put the above award logo/image on your blog
List the rules
Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog (it can be to the post in which they nominated you or any other post or you can even link to their “About” page)
Mention the creator The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy) of this award and please provide a link or pingback as I [The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy) ] would love to meet you!
Write a post to show your award
Share a link to your best post(s)
Share 3 interesting and different facts about yourself
Nominate 5-10 fellow bloggers, or more if you wish
Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.
Thank the nominator and mention the creator

Soooo… I think my favourite post to date has to be my first ever COLLAB: Break the Stigma . It was lovely to get to know a bit more about the people I have been in blogger chats with and interacted with on Twitter. It was also really interesting to see how other people coped, and their tips for helping others. If you haven’t read it go check it out 🙂 It is long but stick with it I promise it is worth it.

3 Interesting (or not so interesting) and Different Facts about me 

1. When I first moved to Huddersfield for uni I had the same nightmare every night for the first two/three weeks I lived in the student house. It started with me sitting in the lecture theatre and about half way through we would get locked in and we couldn’t leave. I would wake up in my dream and it felt like I was awake. So weird

2. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet until I was you have to get A’s in science to even be in with a chance to get that stage.. needless to say.. that Dream fizzled out quickly.

3. I used to do Gynastics between the ages of 6 and 11 ( ish) I also used to do rhythmics (with the ribbons) 

My Nominees

I love reading through the daily posts I receive from these lovely bloggers. 

I love books and reading the reviews these lovelies post introduce me to a never ending list of books I am adding to my TBR

Megan – Book Slayer Reads

Heather – The sassy Book Geek 

Kate – Bibliophile Book Club

Chelsea – The Suspense is Thrilling Me


Looking forward to finding out a bit more about the people I follow 

Be Kind, Be Happy, Stay True to You 








Well it looks as thought 2017 is starting off with a bang.. The lovely Demi bees has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Click her name to go check out her wonderful blog.

Receiving these just makes me smile because although they are not physical awards they are recognition all the same. People who have read my content and enjoyed it enough to think ” yeah i’ll nominate her for this award I think she deserves it.”

Sooo…what is this Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award has it’s roots within the German blogger scene (Liebster means “dearest”, “favorite” in German) and is a way to recognise new bloggers for their achievements and efforts. A Liebster Award Nomination functions as well as support, it’s aimed to connect bloggers, helps to build a network and most important  it can help you to find new interesting blogs.

It works under the “pass it on” principle, similar to a chain letter but in nice and not annoying. When a blogger receives a Liebster Award nomination, they will nominates some fellow bloggers, who will then nominate some bloggers  and so on and so forth.

Besides getting the chance to introduce yourself to your fellow bloggers, you get as well the possibility to share some fun facts about you that are not in the about us section . A center piece of the Liebster Award is to answer 11 Questions, share some random 11 facts and to ask 11 Questions to the Bloggers you nominate.

If you are nominated you must follow these rules:
  1. Post 11 facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers.
  4. Ask them 11 questions.
  5. Let them know that you have nominated them.

11 Facts about me:

Not really sure these are all that interesting but here goes

  1. I did Gymnastics from the age of 6 until i was about 11
  2. I am mixed race (don’t look it)
  3. I used to do street dance and performed at Halifax Gala (where I live)
  4. My natural hair colour is blonde.. not that i’ve seen my natural colour for years haha !
  5. I taught myself how to do acrylic nails.
  6. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet.
  7. I have one amazing sister who I look up to so much.
  8. I am 30 this year on 16th October (scary)
  9. I only started blogging in October but I love it 
  10. I have only recently started opening up more about my problems I have with mental health and feeling comfortable enough to deal with it.
  11. Until I moved out I had never lived in a house without pets.

I was asked:

What is your biggest goal for 2017?

I want to focus on growing my blog and connecting with publishers and brands for the reviews I do.

Are you a reader? If so, what is your favorite genre?

Oh my gosh this one is so hard. I love Fantasy , crime, Thrillers, horrors, at the moment though I am really enjoy dystopian Fantasy .

Quick pick: Sun, Moon or Stars?


What inspires you to write on your blog the most?

Different things. Sometimes for a review its the feeling that i loved the book or film so much i just need to share it. With the more personal things about mental health and my weightloss journey, what inspires me is the fact that I now feel like i can share things and put it out there without feeling nervous or self conscious. I held my creativity back so long in case i got hate but why should I stop what I want to do for haters that mean nothing to me.

If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?

I have honestly never thought about this.. errm..probably Adele because I would get to sing with that voice!!!!! amazing 

If your life were a sitcom, who would play you?

Rebel Wilson haha because I love her. She is so funny and pretty. And shes plus size.

What cartoon character would best describe your personality?

Haha errm. I don’t know about this one. 

What is your favorite season and why?

Autumn probably, because I love the golden colours. Normally its cold but not too cold.

What is your favorite dish?

My sisters home made lasagne all day!!!!

Tell us your ultimate dream vacation.

Anywhere with my family!! .. sounds cheesy but its true

Describe the perfect outfit for a night on the town.

For me haha its leggings some flat black boots and a sparkly top.. simple girl I know..


I Nominate:

Okay so they aren’t all new bloggers but they are new to me and I loves really enjoy reading their contact so here goes.








London Damsel




GO GO GO .. follow them on twitter and go check out their blogs. their links are all in their bios.

My 11 Questions

  1. Where are you from? and how old are you ?
  2. What made you decide to start blogging?
  3. What inspires you to blog about the topics you do?
  4. If you were an animal what would you be and why?
  5. Favourite Food/meal?
  6. Goals for 2017.. and beyooooond?
  7. What is your favourite thing to do and why?
  8. If you could meet any 5 people (not necessarily celebs. Who would it be and why?
  9. What would you main tip be for new bloggers?
  10. Is blogging just a hobby for you or would you like to make a career from it?
  11. If you could have any animal as a pet, domestic or wild what would it be.




So people think I am worth reading???… Yes it is true

Well I have only been doing this for just over a month now and I have already been nominated for three awards. It is lovely to know that people enjoy reading my posts.

I have never done anything like this before and I didn’t really know what to expect but I really am enjoying posting reviews and other randomness that pops in to my head.

Blogger Recognition Award 

One Lovely Blog Award 

One Lovely Blog Award 

I hope that people keep reading my posts and enjoy reading as much as i do writing them.

It may be a cold dull Monday but i’m feeling peppy tonight 🙂




As a lovely young singer recently sang in one of her songs.

“there’s no better you than the you that you are”

stay positive





Mystery Blogger Award


I would like to thank the person who created this award: Okoto Enigma. I enjoy reading your blog and I love the fact you created an Award like this. 

Thank you so much Deepika for the nomination. I have not been at this long so it was a real surprise when I saw that you had nominated me. Go check out their blog.. love it.

What the Award is about and why you should do this : 

There are a lot of amazing blogs out there that haven’t been discovered, yet. And, most of these blogs deserve recognition. For that reason, I decided to create my own award; and nominate people who can also nominate others; and so on. This is one of the best ways to create a friendly community and build a link between bloggers in the blogosphere; as everyone gets nominated and they too can spread the fun by nominating more people for the award. I decided to call the award “Mystery Blogger Award.” Why? Because the meaning of my name, “Enigma” is “mystery.” So basically, it’s named after me; the creator. Plus, I think it’s cool because there are so many blogs that are still a mystery to us; and when we get to know them, it’s divine! And we find friends where we least expect.


“Mystery Blogger Award”  is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.

– Okoto Enigma 

The Rules are: ( Rules by Okoto Enigma – the creater of this award) : 

Why you should do this : 

You have to post these rules (Do not change any of these rules) in your blog too..I do not force everyone should do this..But by doing this we are helping each other..There are many talented bloggers out here who haven’t got enough exposure..

By reblogging this post making your own sufficient changes(no changes for the rules) you are helping yourself and others too..If you have any question, feel free to ask..Thank you!!

3 Things about me:

1. I am a born and bread Yorkshire lass 

2. I love creating things, whether it’s little, polymer clay keyrings, cross stitching, sketching or making candles. 

3. I have a very vivid imagination and when I was younger I used to write down the dreams that I remembered because I wanted to turn them in to books ( Strange I know)

My Nominees are :

I know that these may not all be new blogs, however they are new to me as I have only just discovered them so here we go.

I will keep updating this as I find more blogs..

Chris Nicholas: The Renegade Press..

Reg: She Latitude

Phrogmom’s Weblog

My Best post:

I think my best post to date is REVIEW: The Secret…Is it worth the read???

My questions to my nominees are:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What is your favourite thing about it?
  3. What do you do when yo are not blogging?
  4. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  5. If you could be an animal which would it be?


I would Like your opinions on what you feel my best post is 🙂

comment below