Right guys this has been a long time coming!. I have reviewed all of these watches on Amazon but I have been meaning to write a blog post for ages because I just want to show you all what an amazing find these are. 

Unfortunately I cannot find Photos of all the watches I can only find three but I will link all of them as I go.

First off , if you guys don’t know what Review Directory is it a website that you sign up to in order to receive products to review. They send regular emails with current campaigns and you can respond and complete the forms if you are interested in specific products.

Please bare in mind though that you should only sign up if you plan on reviewing the products and providing full and honest reviews. The girls I have spoken to are really lovely, they do work closely with a few brands and will only have a limited amount of products to send so only apply if you are serious not just because you want free stuff!

All the watches I have received have gone to my dad bar one which went to a friend. 

The first watch I received was the:

Globenfeld Jetmaster Men’s Sports Watch

This is such amazing quality and for £49.99 I was so shocked at how good it was.


The second one to arrive was the

Globenfeld Super Sport Metal Men’s Watch

I don’t have an image of this one so I will just include a link to the product. This is currently being sold for £59.99.

Next up came the 

Globenfeld | Mens Chronograph Watch | Sports Watch with Stopwatch & Luminous Hands

If you want to get your hands on this you can for £69.99

Finally two of my favourite watches came most recently were

Globenfeld Super Sport — Mens designer watches – White sport watch 

Retailing at £59.99


and last but by no means least

Globenfeld | Limited Edition Antique Rose Men’s Automatic Watch

This little gem us on Amazon currently for an amazing price of £79.99


This is my favourite out of the lot. So classy and will work well with a smarter look.

I have received a wide variety of other products from the review directory, which I will be writing separate reviews for as they are female beauty products, however I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU! for sending these to me.

I love them all and if they were not too big for my wrists or they did female versions I would go and purchase myself one.

The quality is top notch. They are quite weighty and all the watches have a globe printed on the back of them, which, to me just shows that the brand really do pay attention to all the little details and really to want to show off their brand. It really does go to show that you can find high quality without paying the high price.

If you want to find out more about the Globenfeld brand they do have a website just click here. They do also have a wide range available to purchase on Amazon.

TEN out of TEN. DO recommend.. As promised I have provided links to all these products where you will also find my full individual product reviews 🙂 ENJOY!


If you would like to know any more information on Review Directory and would like to sign up just click here

As I said before please only sign up if you are genuinely interested in reviewing the products and will actually provide the reviews. It is amazing that brands actually do things like this. It is not something they have to do so don’t take it for granted 🙂 

As always please leave a comment with any questions or suggestions of products I should check out and until my next post Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You.