Okay so Stranger Things 2 dropped on 27th October and if you didn’t know that where have you been hiding?? There was so much hype around the new season  and when there us hype around a series I do worry that it won’t live up to the hype. Normally I am not one for getting on the “hype train” but with Stranger Things it is different. I loved the first season so much and it was left on a kind of Cliff Hanger I was looking forward to finding out what happened next.  

I wrote a review on the first season if you want to go and read it you can find it here.



Let’s talk characters. If you watched the first season you will be glad to hear that all the favourites are back, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Mike, the whole gang. 

The first time we saw the lovable nerds we got a feeling of their relationship with each other and their families. The acting and the chemistry between each of the characters just looked so natural but in Season 2 they took it a bit further. The characters were more developed and we got to see more of their individual personalities as well as how they interacted as a group. There was one addition to the quirky group in the form of a fiery redhead called Max played by Sadie Sink. She is a great addition to the cast and I really loved her story, her attitude and seeing how she interacted with the other characters in the series. We see a lot more of pretty boy Steve (Joe Keery) in this season and you get to see a side to him that you didn’t see in Season 1.

We also had a few other new faces pop up in Season 2.  Bob (Sean Astin) is the boyfriend of Joyce (Winona Ryder). We then have Billy (Dacre Montgomery) Max’s egotistical, step brother who seems to have an issue with Max, but also seems very controlling. I had never heard of Dacre before I saw him in this but I think he definitely plays this character really well. I think you definitely get to see how all the characters work together to make this an EPIC Season.

Finally, there is Sam Owens (Paul Reiser), the sneaky new head of the lab. I would love to know your thoughts on this character as I didn’t know whether I liked him or not.. I still don’t know what to think of him.



I don’t want to give too much away about the plot for those of you who have not yet seen it. Why would you NOT have seen it though?? have you been living under a rock? If you do not have Netflix I would recommend getting it even if it is just for a month so you can watch Stranger Things 2. Free trials are always available if you have not signed up before #NotSpon. 

Anywaaaay.. I digress. 

 One year on and everybody is still trying to get over what happened to Will. Do you remember where we last left off? The Cliffhanger? Well this season the action doesn’t stop.  The Story line is more developed and the Upside down is back!

I am always wary of watching new seasons when I really enjoy a program, however this did not disappoint! Some people have given quite negative reviews about it but I honestly do not understand why they didn’t like it. Me and my best friend binge watched it over two evenings and that really is the only way to watch it!!



What did you think of Stranger Things? Are you a Netflix binge watcher? 

What Series do you recommend? 

I genuinely cannot wait until Season 3 and I need a new program to watch so I am welcoming any suggestions!

Until next time Be Kind Be Happy and Stay True to You!