Zesty Cup

** Disclaimer this product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review **


I love it when I get companies approaching me and offer me products. This was a new one for me though. Normally I get sent books or beauty products but when Zesty cup contacted me on twitter and offered to send me a box of herbal tea I was 100% up for trying these out.

I drink herbal and green tea a lot but I mostly get boxes of teabags and have never tried loose Tea.



First impressions 




The tea comes in these cute little packets. I received “Spice of life”, “Minty Happiness”, and “Light Hearted”. The package also contained cards that with health points, tips, brewing instructions, and ingredients. 


My personal favourite is “Light Hearted”. It is so fruity and sweet and perfect on an evening when you just want to sit back and relax. Like I said I had never tried loose tea before but the taste is so much better than teabags. You get a hit of freshness that you don’t get from using teabags and it’s refreshing but it warms your coccles at the same time!.

If you are a green, fruit or herbal tea drinker and fancy a change from the same old same old I would recommend the Zesty cup Subscription box. Fresh, Organic, healthy AND tasty!! Come on no how can you not want to get involved.

At only £8 a box you cannot go wrong. Just  to www.zestycup.com and grap yours today 😀 

Zesty Cup is definitely Creative approved 😀



Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You!