June 2015.. the Big move..

The nerves kick in at the thought of living by myself.

Darkness falls and reality kicks in …I am alone.

Though my place is small it feels so big.

CCTV and security doors don’t make me feel safe..

I curl up on my sofa and wrap my quilt around me so tight it’s as if i’m being hugged by a bear

*For tonight I will sleep on the sofa..*

The cacophony  of noise makes my ears prick up like a rabbit listening for danger.

The revving of car engines, people laughing so loud i feel as though they are right next to me..screeching in my ear

My imagination taunts me.. * what if you’re not really safe? Can that door really stop someone getting in? Where would you hide if they did*

65 days later.. the sofa is still my bed.. I feel safer there.. still not ready to venture in to the bedroom.

Day 185… I finally feel safe.. I climb in to my bed for the first time since I moved in.

My head hits the soft, fluffy pillows and my quilt is wrapped round me like a cocoon.

The revving of cars and cackling of drunk people have now become a comfort..

I lay in bed and listen to the rhythmic sounds of the world outside..

Finally I can call this my home..


This is an original poem so please ask my permission before sharing.

All comments welcome..

If you have any writing tips I would love  hear them