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BOOK REVIEW: Witch's Sacrifice by Crissy Mossy


Title:  Witch’s Sacrifice

Author: Crissy Moss

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Series Status: Book 1 of Witch’s Trilogy

Genre: Indie, Fantasy

Number of Pages:  220 Pages

The Blurb

Her forbidden secret will make her powerful… and hunted.
In Marizza’s world, magic is evil. Since her youth, her mother told her witches were wicked creatures who deserved imprisonment. The tyrannical acolytes sacrificed all users of magic to the almighty kraken. It was the life she knew, until one fateful day changed everything.

When young Marizza is attacked by the town bully, she defends herself with magical abilities she didn’t even know she had. After the acolytes come looking for the next witch to sacrifice, Marizza is left with no choice but to flee. She must journey across the Sea of Tears, where she’ll make a choice that could transform the lives of everyone she loves.

Witch’s Sacrifice is the first book in the Witch’s Trilogy, a young adult dark fantasy series featuring intricate world-building, memorable characters, chilling horror, and captivating romance


The story begins with  Korik. A man who tries to fight for the life of his wife and child, who have been sacrificed to the kraken as they were thought to be witches. The Kraken feeds on magic and witches are the perfect thing to keep the dark creature happy.  Things do not go all that well for poor Korik.. ( don’t want to give took much away)

The story then moves on to Marizza..

Marizza working in a bakery shop owned by Mistress Goodwin. Marizza had recently been involved in an incident with an idiot that wouldn’t take no for an answer and her reaction created.. shall we call it .. a buzz around town!  People were scared of her because the thought she was a witch and the people in the town had been brought up to fear witches.

When Marizza realises she doesn’t have any friends left in her town, even the nice old Mistress Goodwin , who she has worked for for years she has to leave. “The Little Mother” a wise old witch takes Marizza to a remote Island to train her and help her control her abilities.. and then the story REALLY begins.. In comes the handsome Artiro, a cheeky, charming merman who changes Marizza’s life…

5 out of 5



It is difficult to review this book without giving too much away. There are so many things I would love to share with you all but can’t as it would just spoil it for you.

I seem to be coming across all these little gems recently. Authors and books I have never heard of before. I cannot wait to get more of Crissy’s books. She is an amazing author.

If you like dark fantasy, magic, witches and all things fiction this is the book for you. There is action and drama. It makes your heart melt and then it leaves you in suspense. They story never lags and there is always something that peaks your interest.

100% recommend



The bold and the beautiful vs Evil

These are two of my favourite sketches .. need to work on shading more but i just love how bold and beautiful they look



These two are my first rough sketches  of .. “Them” from my first original free verse poem

Disclaimer: “Them” are two original sketches so please do not copy. Not all my work is original, a lot of them are from books or images I have taken from google but please ask before sharing.