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Female Entrepreneur Week.. Are You One of the FEW??

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Hey there my lovelies I hope you are all feeling good this morning.

As some of you are aware Female Entrepreneur Week started on 21st June so yes.. I am a bit late in publishing this but it is still within time so it’s all good.

Female Entrepreneur Week lasts for 10 days from 21st to 30th June.

I think sharing the love on this topic is so important. I see it far too much on social media these days where women are bringing each other down and I personally believe that we should be building each other up and FEW is a great time to really push this forward.

I love these quotes and I feel these are definitely things to think about if you are wanting to branch out and start your own business.

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 If you are considering starting your own business and would like access to some FREE tips click here and sign up for access to some training and resources that will help you on your way


I will be posting a review shortly of the daily emails I received and whether I feel it helped me.

As always Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You.



And the ride continues….

7.45  Saturday morning my alarm goes off. For the first time in a while I am looking forward to getting on those scales. I have been ill so not eaten a lot some days but I know I have done well most of the week. I get on the scales…1lb on!! WTF!!!!!!! I was so annoyed and confused.

confused woman animated GIF


It’s only 1lb  I thought so no big deal I can pull it back next week. But I only started thinking like that once I had calmed down a bit. It is so easy to let the negative creep in. It is always going to be there waiting for that crack in your armour so it can worm it’s way in. Once you let it in and the negativity seed is planted it is like those annoying weeds you find in your garden that are just stubborn little twats and won’t go away. Well… not until you get to the roots and dig it out or kill it at the roots.

…..errrm… anyway .. enough plant talk. All I am saying is that I know my journey won’t be easy. I will have good days and bad days. Good weeks and bad weeks but at the end of the day I am doing this for me . I might get there slowly but I will get there. Fighting to stay positive, appreciating what I have, enjoying that I get a chance to try new fun foods from the recipes I get each week and taking in all the advice given by my leader.

Some times we feel like giving up but we all know that they are just bad days. Brush yourself off and get back on the horse! If you want something bad enough you will go through the hard times and the crappy feelings to get there because those bad feelings won’t stick around for long.




Keep the positive vibes going!!

Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You!!



My Weight loss Journey.. 2 months in.

Okay so we are 2 months in to my journey and I decided that I would do another post. 

I promised myself at the start of this that I would post the highs and the lows as time progressed because anybody who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it is never just straight forward. You don’t lose every week, it isn’t all highs. There are quite a few lows that crop up. Self doubt, bad days, even bad weeks but at the end of the day it isn’t about how many times you get knocked down it is about how many times you get back up.

It is so easy to post positive things. When I am doing well I cannot wait to share it.When I am not doing so well I do worry about what people will think if I post about it. But a lovely woman in class this week said something that just clicked with me and made me realise that I need to accept the gains and maintains as well as the losses. She basically said that she knew she had gained over Christmas and this was her first week back after Christmas and she just accepted that she had gained. She had eaten what she wanted and enjoyed the holidays and realised that her relationship with food was also changing. 

Over the Christmas period I gained 5lbs.. that is hard for me to share but it is out there now! done!. People will say what they want about that but there you go.

It is important that when I am on this long ass road to losing weight and trying to improve my life that there will be days where I want a chocolate bar, or a packet of crisps, or some bread ( me and wheat aren’t good friends) but that it is okay as long as I COUNT IT IN MY PLAN!!.

Enjoy  all food. Don’t see it as good food or bad food otherwise you will punish yourself for eating it, you will feel bad and it won’t help you. 

This week I lost 4lbs and I was over the moon as I have felt awful all this week. Felt low and run down mentally and I was not looking forward to dragging myself out of bed to get to class for 8.30am but I am so glad I did. The people in my class are great and so friendly I have such a laugh. It is so inspiring to see others who have lost so much weight and hearing how they have hit walls and have overcome them. It just goes to show that no matter what happens or how long it takes, if you want it you will get there.

Going forward I will be trying to post weekly updates and as I feel more confident I may start posting some progress pics.. We will see. baby steps haha.. I have the support of my family, my best friend, my leader and the class so I know I will get there.

With so much negativity in this world it feels good to be positive. I have struggled a lot over the last years with physical and mental health problems and i do still struggle daily but I do feel it is definitely worth while sharing a bit of positivity every day.



Tell me about you.. I want to know more about my readers..

Not just about weight loss but what do you struggle with?

What have you had to overcome?

Share your stories with me 🙂

Remember.. Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You..

Peace and Love 🙂





December and 2016 Wrap Up

So this month has not been a very active month for me on the blogging front. I was hoping to get through a stack of books, breeze through a few film reviews and write another update on my weight loss journey, however that soon went out of the window when my full time job left me exhausted and unmotivated leading to very little interaction on most of my social media.

2016 has been a bit of a funny year. I started the year off unemployed I was not in a good place and I felt as though I was slipping back in to the darkness that I had not long climbed my way out of.

In February I started a new job and although I have had my ups and downs there I am very happy there now and I work with some great people.

I started taking my hobby of blogging more seriously at the back end of September and I am so glad I did. I have met some lovely people in this community. I only hope that my reach can grow and my blog will continue to be successful in 2017.

At the beginning of December I did my first Collab 

Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Around The World


I posted my first fully edited YouTube video

Beauty is not just on the outside..

I posted some new reviews

MUSIC: Sucker For Pain and Twenty one Pilots

FILM TRAILER AND REVIEW: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 

FILM REVIEW: The Last Witch Hunter

I took part in a blog tour and worked with my first brand Joosr 

Iiiiit’s Time for a Blog Tour People

JOOSR: Perfect Gift for Christmas

and I took part in the UK Blog Awards 


When I lay out the posts like that it seems as though I have been quite busy but it actually feels like things have been really quiet. Not sure whether that is down to the fact that there has been very little engagement on my posts or whether it is because I have posted less. 

One thing I have noticed is that on this platform people tend to “like” your posts without fully reading them. On my most recent post I tested my theory and added a little task for readers to complete at the end of the post if they read that far and nobody got involved, which was quite disappointing. It just goes to show that regardless of how many followers you have, if people do not actually read your content numbers do not matter. I would rather have a few loyal followers who take a genuine interest in what I write than have 1000 followers who don’t read my posts… Anyway enough of the ranting. I just had to get that off my chest.

Christmas this year was again.. awesome. I got to wake up back in my parent’s house, went up to my sisters and watched my nephews open their gifts whilst I opened mine and I love what I have received. I have put a few pictures below.


This image is of the three Chamilia Charms i received from my parents and sister for my bracelet. I love these bracelets. You can get so many different charms for the different styles of bracelet and I just need a few more and my amazing bracelet will be finished.


This was one of 2 diaries I received this year. A week to view and a Day a page.  I need to get more organised this year with everything and definitely now I receive books to review etc and have deadlines to keep to.


I was so excited to receive this. I asked for a slow cooker because as we all know the last thing you want to do when you get home from work is cook a meal, especially for someone like me who lives alone. So I can cook a joint in the slow cooker, portion it up and voila.. meals are prepared for the week.


If any of you have me on other social media or have read my previous posts you will know that I LOVE all things nails!! and these were just four of the ones I received from my parents for Christmas, HOLO is the way forward guys. If you do not have HOLO nail polish in your life you are not living hahaha.


2016 has been a minefield of emotions and no doubt 2017 will bring some more obstacles for me to face but I know with the love and support I have around me I can face whatever comes my way.

As always guys Stay true to yourselves, Be Kind, Be Happy


This post was longer than usual but hey ho I hope that people do read my content and I would like some genuine feedback.

So if you have read to the end please let me know what your plans are for 2017. Have you made any NY resolutions? 

Comment below



My weird and wonderful life….

Do you have days where you really just do not want to get out of bed?

Do you ever feel hopeless, useless or unworthy?darkness-06

These are all feelings we feel at some point in our lives but lately, after a long hard look at myself I have realised something.. I am stronger than i thought….

Recently I have been dealing with some old demons that decided to rear their ugly heads again. Not a very pretty sight. Trying to pull me back to the dark place that i lived in for nearly 2 years that nearly wrecked my life ( not being dramatic).

This time though, I saw them coming and I wasn’t afraid to ask for help. I told my family what was happening and I was open and honest about how I was feeling and it felt really good to talk about it. I realised that I was stronger than i was 2 years ago and i needed to sort myself out before I got to that place again.


I have start an NVQ in Customer Services through work and I am starting to enjoy the little things in life again slowly but surely. I have taken up writing again ( hence this blog), reading, i’m back at choir, eating healthily, going to the gym and I have been really focusing on doing well in my job.  It’s a struggle balancing studies and work but it just goes to show that putting yourself first is not being selfish. It is definitely a good thing.

1585_1_wandtattoo_every_day_the_chanceWe all need to take time for ourselves, to appreciate what we have and try to look on the positive and bright side of life.


I am 29 next week and it has taken me this long to start taking control of my life. I ill never be 100% free of depression and those demons but I know that if i talk about it with my family and friends I trust and I ask for help when i need it I know I an keep it at bay.

We all have that strength inside us, whether you chose to use it is up to you. Put out positivity and you will attract positivity. 🙂



Do you take time for yourself?

Do you appreciate what you have?

If you don’t it is never to late to start 🙂

Remember It’s okay to talk




REVIEW: The Secret…Is it worth the read???

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a Self-help book based on the film The Secret (2006) that suggests that the law of attraction is the key to unlocking happiness and that positive thinking can help you create a life of happiness. On the back of this Byrne published The Power and The Magic

This book has been in my collection for about 3 years and I have only just found it in the bottom of a very large pile of old Uni Books that were stored in the darkest corner of my closet. As I am trying to get my life back in to some kind of order and I have also gotten back in to reading I thought.. “Why not kill two birds with one stone??”

I have always been intrigued by the people who can read books like this and all of a sudden have a life changing epiphany. They claim that they now understand themselves better and how the live their lives better.. and to be honest I have always been a bit skeptical about reading self-help books.

I bought this when I was at a low point in my life and it was recommended by a good friend. Even thought he told me it had helped him I was worried.. I was torn, thinking…what if I got nothing from it? what would that say about me? Am i beyond help? On the other hand I was thinking… what if it did help me? Is it because I feel so low that I feel like it helps but its just in my head? Is it a book that has been written just to make money off people and really is just ambiguous, vague statements, copied from motivational speeches that in essence really don’t mean anything specific?

I digress…. So there it was .. 3 years later unopened, crisp pages. I bit the bullet and decided to jump in.

I am not exaggerating when I say i got to page 3 and one sentence popped out at me and something in my mind just clicked.. I read on and in my head i was screaming at myself.. YES!! WHY DID YOU NOT KNOW THIS!!  I didn’t want to put it down!

Now I am not saying that they are sharing some miracle that will cure all the world of its problems and will suddenly cure any depression that you may be suffering from but what I will say is this. THIS BOOK MAKES SENSE!!. It is not what I expected at all. The more I read the more sense it made. I was kicking myself for not reading it earlier!!

If you are struggling at all with depression or low moods, If you have low self esteem or lack confidence, or if you just feel like you need a but of inspiration I 100% recommend this book. I cannot stress enough how much it really does put things in to perspective.

Thank you Rhonda for sharing The Secret.


If you have read this book I would really like to know your thoughts.

Does it make sense to you?

Did you enjoy it?